Sheds/ Storage Buildings

H.P. Mason & Son Woodcrafters is located in Floyd County Virginia. We build our buildings on site, leveled on blocks or your foundation. We are in the process of putting a model which will be at Mason's Laundromat. Please Call 1-540-392-9035 and inquire about the building you need. We offer many styles and sizes and can give you a quote quickly. Once committed, we install our buildings in a timely and professional manner. You get what you order and you're satisfaction is our responsibility. We have been in the building trade for over 40 years. We have the experience and the tools to make every job work in the customers favor. You will be satisfied with us! I guarantee it. Come see us for lawn furniture, too. We build Picnic Tables(Octagon, Round, Rectangular) With attached benches or stand alone benches. We build Adirondack Lawn Furniture, Porch Swings, Planters etc. Call 1-540-392-9035 and order some furniture today. Sincerely, Harlan P. Mason- owner H.P. Mason & Son Woodcrafters.

  • Address

    192 Sunny Ridge Road N.E.
    Floyd, VA 24091

  • Contact & Phone

    Harlan P. Mason


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