Call us today.... Office 540 651 3843 Mobile 540 529 3006 AS A COURTESY TO OUR CUSTOMERS WE HAVE ALWAYS OFFERED GOOD ADVICE FOR FREE, ESTIMATES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN FREE AND NOW WE OFFER FREE LEFT OVER ASPHALT TO THE SURROUNDING NEIGHBORS OF OUR CURRENT CUSTOMERS WHO ARE SENIOR CITIZENS. AND GUESS WHAT ELSE THE BOSS SAID IT'S TIME, SO WE NOW OFFER SENIOR DISCOUNTS! WE HAVE A DEEP RESPECT FOR ALL OF OUR NEIGHBORS BUT ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE WHO HAVE WORKED HARD ALL THEIR LIFE AND ARE NOW ON A LIMITED INCOME. FOLKS YOU DON'T HAVE TO SETTLE FOR POTHOLES OR MUD HOLES, AND DON'T LET ANYONE LEAVE YOU STUCK IN THE MUD. JUST CALL US! Don't be fooled by asphalt companies who may offer you left over asphalt and dump off the asphalt AND a large bill for you to PAY...IF YOU JUST WANT TO FIX YOUR TURN AROUND AREA FINE, WE CAN HELP WITH THAT. IF YOU WANT TO PAVE YOUR WHOLE DRIVEWAY NO PROBLEM WE CAN PUT YOU ON THE SCHEDULE. IF PAVING PRICES SEEM TO PUT A STRAIN ON YOU ECONOMICALLY WE DO OFFER SURFACE TREATING AS AN ALTERNATIVE. But the main thing is don't get taken advantage of by our competitors who think only of themselves, be smart call S&S PAVING CO. Paving season is in it's prime now, but winter is coming back so don't let it catch you unprepared without a hard surface, gravel is o.k. but it left a lot of people stuck in the mud for along time last winter! That's why we prefer to let the gravel serve it's purpose of base for Surface Treating or Paving and let the hard surface stand up to the weather! As secretary I answer all kinds of calls but I've never heard someone say 'come get my asphalt, I just don't like it. It got in the way of me scraping the driveway.' IF YOU DON'T KNOW US READ ON, there are so many paving companies out there, and you need someone you can trust. S & S PAVING CO INC provides service to Floyd and surrounding counties. We are equipped for the residential driveway or the business parking lot. Our trucks are rolling, Our employees are anxious for the next project, Our Estimator, Chester has been waiting to hear from you! S & S Paving Co Inc. is family owned and operated out of Floyd County, VA by the minority family man who was determined to build a legacy for his sons and grandsons or granddaughters, proving that if you work hard you can make it happen. THIS IS WHAT WE DO: Pave, Surface Treat, Base Stone and Light Excavation Work, tennis courts. WE ALSO DO SEALING OF DRIVEWAYS AND PARKING LOTS! Your driveway can be an old, cracked, paved driveway or parking lot needing to be resurfaced, or you may be working with new ground, or maybe you're somewhere in between, doesn't matter. Either way we can accommodate your needs. S & S Paving Co prides itself on hard work, integrity, honesty and the fact that the boss is a perfectionist doesn't hurt! We are satisfied when you are above and beyond satisfied. This hard work has payed off, take a peak at our next section. EXPERIENCE AND KNOW HOW: S & S Paving Co has been cited by Richmond, the Virginia Department of Transportation awarded them as they received various D.B.E. awards for the high quality of their performance on highway projects, their growth and their development as a company. Now S & S Paving is known for this high quality work not only by Richmond but locals as well. Chester Stuart, V.P. has solved many erosion control problems. He is quoted as saying "they expect the best so that is what we give them, no short cuts or skimming the surface allowed." HISTORY: With 5 decades of service, and so many jobs completed we lost count. One could say we are very thankful, and proud of our history! We have saw many other asphalt companies come up on the scene then disappear. We have saw dishonesty effect the business. Our vision is and has always been different from the rest. You see, Roy Stuart with two young sons, a dump truck and a drag box had a vision...serve the community with integrity, give an honest days work for the price of the job.Roy is now retired but peering out the window of his back door he sees his sons, a construction crew and a fleet of trucks and equipment to get jobs done efficiently and to customer satisfaction loading up for a days work. A WORD FROM THE BOSS: Roy says "We've come a long way, we've paved so many driveways near and far. We are thankful everyday for the opportunity people give us to help them." So how can we help you? Surface Treat or Pave your road, driveway, or parking lot. Help you get a good base to start from? Help with your erosion control issues? We can Seal to add life and increase the value of your project. You can now divide your total invoice into two parts, even for longer projects. 1st installment due at the beginning of your project and final installment upon completion of your job. We are ready to serve you in 2010

  • Address

    614 Stuart Road
    VA 24079

  • Contact & Phone

    Chester Stuart,V.P./Estimator or Milton Stuart, Office Manager


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