Red Rooster Coffee Roaster

"Coffee with a Conscience"

The coffee bean is a puzzle to be studied and enjoyed over a lifetime. The perfect cup of coffee lingers with sense memory - the rich smell of a familiar coffee house, the touch of a hand, the chill of an early morning walk, the sun rising over the mountains, and then of course the coffee itself; brightly acidic, surprising in its sweetness, bold in its intensity, and ethereal in its complexity.
At Red Rooster, we love coffee and we are constantly striving to make your next cup the perfect cup. Luckily, it is a mission that is never ending and always satisfying. As owners of small, locally owned and operated business, Red Rooster Coffee Roaster believe that great steps towards sustainability can be made on a local level - primarily by shopping within your own community, especially for those goods and services that are also created within your community. This saves fuel and travel costs but it also helps small businesses thrive. However, the flip side of the coin is that since we're from such small community, we're really excited to have lots of people from far-flung parts of the country try our coffee!

Follow your nose through town when you smell a roast happening!

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    117 South Locust Street
    Floyd, VA 24091

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