Historical Microcomputer & Electronics Display

COME AND SEE...We welcome you to come visit us at the
Floyd Professional Center
located in Suites 8 & 9 of the Floyd Village Green, Floyd Virginia

A picture of technology from an earlier time-- David Larsen and the LCF Group have arranged a `micro` display in the Floyd Professional Center (Suite 8 at Floyd Village Green). The display changes from time to time, and describes the newest technology as it was pre-1980. Enjoy the exhibits, and educate and/or remind yourself about how it was `before cell phones and i-pods`.

Also showcased in this micro-museum are all of the popular `BugBooks` and `Blacksburg Continuing Education` series of books. In the `70s and `80s, these books were a staple for technicians, engineers and users of microcomputers-- an important part of the digital revolution (more info at www.bugbookcomputermuseum.com).

This retelling of the history of microcomputers and related electronics is interesting indeed. It has been a dream to share these stories, which has come to fruition over a number of years.

Since the complete historical collection is of `Smithsonian quality` and has more items than can be housed in a current facility, we`ll wait until the time is right. It is planned that this display will be the start of a historical technology museum in Floyd, `BugBook Computer Museum`, which will be a different type of tourist attraction for the future. It is now a matter of location, the process of building, and time to develop exhibits of the caliber that folks will want to come and see.

If you would like more information, David may be reached at 540-763-2321 evenings after 7:00pm.

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