Emily Brass CD

Like a musical shape-shifter, Emily Brass takes you on a psychedelic hippie-hop journey, channeling the ghosts of old school rap, rock-steady reggae, ragtime jazz, and 60's rock & soul, while relentlessly keeping you in a sweat-inducing, smile-inspiring trance-dance, all night long. Her lyrical message is empowering, progressive, and poetic, sung through her countless vocal styles, conjuring up the spirits of Zap Mama, Sade, Chrissie Hynde, Erykah Badu, Lauren Hill, Billie Holiday and even John Lennon. Between rapid-fire raps, catchy choruses, and sensuously sung verses, she uses her sax as a wailing, magical wand, causing audiences to lose themselves under the influence of Maceo Parker, Manu Dibango and Dean Frasier-inspired riffs.

  • Phone

    (540) 745-3827


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